Thursday, November 3, 2016

Chain Stitch Scarf

How to make a beautiful and warm chain stitch scarf

Materials: crochet yarn for 25mm crochet hook and 25mm crochet hook.

Make a slip knot and then chain 47.

You can also make this scarf with your fingers. Place your hand into the loop, grab the yarn and pull it through.

when you finished cut the yarn, and pull it through for last time tightly.

tie both tales together.

wrap the scarf around your neck to find out your size.

You can watch our video tutorial witch shows you how to make the chain stitch scarf step by step.

Πως να φτιαξετε ενα ομοργο και ζεστο κασκόλ με την πλέξη αλυσιδα!!

παρακολουθηστε το βιντεο μου που σας δειχνει αναλυτικα πως να φτιαξετε αυτο το υπεροχο κασκολ!!