Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Metallic Frame Handbag (Front&Back sc stitch)

How to crochet beautiful metallic frame handbags with front&back sc stitch!!!

2 balls of  bonnie craft cord from (size:2mm/ Color: Kelly)
You can find the cord here
A 16.5 cm metallic frame (or the size you want! watch my video tutorial witch shows you how to adjust it) 
And a 5.5 mm crochet hook

Did you see my new crochet hook stand from A master piece which every crocheter must have!!
You can find this amazing stand here

To begin make a slip knot and chain 15.

Row 1: 1sc into the 2nd, 1sc in each chain across.

Row 2: chain 1, turn, 1sc in each stitch across.

Rows 3-21: repeat row 2

In the end of row 21 we start working in rounds.
*Watch my video tutorial for more information about the size of bottom and how to adjust it.

Round 1: 1sc in each stitch and loop around, 2sc in each corner

Round 2: start working the front&back sc stitch (watch my video tutorial if you don't know how to make this stitch)

Round 3-18: repeat round 2

Round 19: 1sc in each of next 2 stitch, 2sc together around.
In the end of round 19 slip stitch to the 1st, cut the yarn and finish your work.

Saw the frame to the bag
Watch my video tutorial if you don't know how to sew the frame!


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