Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Photo Frames

How to crochet easy and beautiful photo frames!!

Materials: 1 ball red heart super saver yarn (color: cafe latte), a inner ring from an embroidery hoop, 5mm crochet hook.

This pattern is worked over a multiple number of 5 stitches plus 3.

Make slip knot. Insert the hook into the hoop, insert the loops into a hook and make aslip stitch to secure.
Fill the hoop with sc around ( the sc must be a multiple number of 5 stitches plus 3)

Round 1: *skip 2, 1sc into the next, skip 2, 5dc into the next*, repeat from * to * around.
To finish the round slip stitch to the 1st sc, cut the yarn, finish your work and hide the tales.

Glow your photo in the back.

Please watch my video tutorial witch shows you how to make beautiful photo frames step by step.