Thursday, November 30, 2017

Urban Cardigan

How to crochet an easy urban cardigan!!


4 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver yarn (color: cafe latte)
*For the yarn visit or press here

5.50 mm crochet hook 

*This pattern is for a small size cardigan. Watch my free video tutorial if you are a different size!

start with chain 52

Row 1: 1hdc into the 2nd, 1hdc in each chain across.

Row 2: chain 1, turn, 1hdc in each stitch across.

Rows 3-74: repeat row 2
In the end of row 74 finish off.

Front: make 2
start with chain 41

Rows 1 - 74: work same as back

Join the pieces together like this

Watch my video tutorial if you need help about sewing!


Round 1: with a new yarn ball make 1 hdc in each stitch and loop around the armhole.
In the end of round 1 you must have 51 stitches total around or any multiple number of 3.

Round 2: 1sc in each of next 2 stitches, 1 bobble to the next ( watch my video tutorial if you need help about bobble stitch) repeat around,

Round 3: 1hdc in each stitch around skipping the loops on top of each bobble (watch my video tutorial for the details)

Rounds 4 - 16: repeat round 2 and 3

Round 17: 1hdc together around

Round 18: 1hdc in each stitch around.

Rounds 19 -33: repeat round 18

In the end of round 33 finish off and follow the same pattern for 2nd sleeve.

Watch my free video tutorial witch shows you how to crochet this beautiful urban cardigan step by step!

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