Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Open Shell

How to crochet the open shell stitch!!


-Red Heart Super Saver yarn
* fro the yarn visit www.redheart.com or press here

- 5mm crochet hook

This pattern is worked over a multiple number of 6 stitches plus 2.

for this sample start with chain 32.

Row 1: 1sc into the 2nd chain from hook, *skip 2, 5dc into the next, skip 2, 1sc into the next* repeat from * to* across.

Row 2: chain 5, turn, *1sc into the center dc of next shell, chain 5* repeat from * to * across, to finish the row: chain 2, 1dc into the last stitch.

Row 3: chain 1, turn, 1sc into the 1st stitch, *5dc into th next sc, 1sc into the next chain space* repeat from* to * across.

repeat rows 2 and 3 for the pattern.

please watch my free video tutorial witch shows you how to make this beautiful stitch step by step.