Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Royal Slippers

How to crochet Royal Slippers!!


-Red heart super saver yarn
*for the yarn visit www.redheart.com or press here

-5.5mm crochet hook


5 to 6 years old kids : start with chain 9 and make 6 rows

for women: small size : start with chain 12 and make 8 rows
                   medium size: start with chain 14 and make 9 rows
                   large size : start with chain 16 and make 10 rows

Row 1: 1hdc into the 3rd chain from hook, 1hdc in each chain across.

Row 2: chain 2 turn, (chain 2, counts as the 1st hdc), skip 1st stitch, *insert the hook into the loop under the next stitch and make 1hdc* repeat from * to * across. To finish the row 1hdc on top of turning chain.

Repeat row 2 until you have your size.

Watch my free video tutorial which shows you how to join the slippers!