Monday, July 16, 2018

Little Lulu Doll

How to crochet a little lulu doll!!!


-red heart super saver yarn
* for the red heart yarn press here

I just feld in love when i saw this amazing little lulu doll!! Written by my friend Gretel Crespo from! She was kind enought to give me permission to make a youtube video and bring this doll to life!!! 

The written pattern is here

and my videos here:

english version for right hand

english video for left hand


Vídeo en español con la mano derecha aquí

Vídeo en español con la mano izquierda aquí


Ελληνικο βιντεο για δεξιοχειρες εδω 


Ελληνικο βιντεο για αριστεροχειρες εδω


This pattern is protected by Gretel's Crespo copyrights. You are not allowed to publish or sell or use this pattern for any commercial.
Demetra Bogri from has owner's  permission to use this pattern.
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